Hangovers – Feeling Old


It’s no secret that the weekend was a rather messy one in the company some of my favourite humans put on this planet. Especially when you’ve not really seen each other for eight months and so much has happened during this time. The champagne was in the fridge, gin shelf ready for attacking and the […]

Bridesmaids & Drama


Choosing bridesmaids is one of the hardest things you can do. It should be easy – pick the people you think will support you, mean something to you and know they’ll support you through all the drama and stress (oh and maybe the occasional bridezilla moment….) For me, the moment I was engaged it was […]

Womens Running 10k Challenge

WR10K ambassador (1)

I’m one of those girls that likes the idea of running, starts running, it all gets a bit achy or a holiday comes along and all of a sudden three or four months have passed and I’ve not been out. I’m a romanticist with the sport. I have visions of myself running like Paula Radcliffe […]

Watch Out… Summer’s coming!


I’m not going to lie… I’ve turned all cliche on you and have started thinking about my “Summer Body” ready for our family holiday to Spain in July and before so many of you start shouting “but you’re slim, you don’t need to worry!” I want to feel confident in my summer clothes, none of which fit […]