Warehouse Storage Solutions

As some of you may know, Dan and I used to run our own business and I often dreamt about the office we may have one day with the army of employees running around us. Having the flexibility of being our own bosses and the independence it bought was so much fun but the stress soon got in the way and turns out I wasn’t great at selling! However, I still cast my mind back to the dream office so I thought I’d share some of my dreams with you. It may sound odd, but I always thought we would end up having a quirky old warehouse or barn somewhere and then build the office into it. We were never going to start out with a huge office room so for us to get a small space and make clever use of the space was always the way forward. You can get a small barn somewhere and then use a company such as  Warehouse Storage Solutions  to make clever use of the space with a mezzanine floor.

Ok, I know you are reading this and thinking what are you on about Sian…. but bear with me. Think cute barn in the country, amazing views, team office space below with an office for Dan and I overhead on a mezzanine floor. It would combine the old and new perfectly and you can make the space really industrial, clean and modern to encourage employees to work. I can still picture it now…


I would have some snugs or chill out areas because I know as an employee you really do just need to get away from your desk but you also need somewhere creative to think and explore ideas. I’d also have a good kitchen / dining room area where the team could have a decent lunch (there is nothing worse than having just a kettle at work!) and have a bit of space during their lunch breaks. That and a coffee machine… instant is never fun on a Monday morning! Furthermore, I would make sure that the space was practical. Fill it with clever storage ideas, make it modern and funky and somewhere people want to go.

On a practical level, I would want to try and make it economical. Try solar panels, encourage recycling and plant a nice garden out the front for the summer days. Have bright windows to let natural light in and make it feel less like an office and more like a creative place to come and work in.

However, as much as I would love this to be a reality, it is very much a dream. But, you never know



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To Go or not to Pokemon Go….

I am the first person to get caught up in Internet or gaming hypes but Pokemon Go was something from the off I just didn’t understand. I was first introduced to it when we were in Spain and I instantly didn’t get it. Why do grown adults want to walk around and “catch” what to me is essentially a picture. Since then it’s taken the world by storm and I’m still completely baffled by the phenomenon on a number of levels. 

The first major issue I have with it is safety. It seems day after day reports are coming out about children and adults going into caves, building sites and other industrial buildings looking for Pokemon. As an adult why would you think this is a good idea to go into a place you’d never go without safety equipment just because it’s a game? Are people really that obsessed and stupid? I don’t agree with young children being out looking for Pokemon either. It’s opening children up to groups of adults and there are reports of pedophiles using it to their advantage. People being mugged because they’ve hidden in Pokemon areas. Would you let your little ones wonder the streets normally? I think not… 

Adults, I don’t get it. Tell me what the attraction is? I’ve heard it’s “making me walk” through to “I liked Pokemon as a kid” as reasons but I don’t see it. If you want to walk. Go for a walk. If you find them boring, grab a mate and go together. As for playing it when you’re a kid – sorry chuck you’re a grown adult now! If I could play games all day I would but life is such that bills need to be played. 

Maybe I’m a cynic but seeing adults walk the streets staring at their phones, around the office and through supermarkets makes me want to scream. Life is about exploring and getting out there. Go and expire your woods, climb trees if you really want to. 

Gin_And_Giraffes_ Pokemon_Go

That said, with all the hype I downloaded it (see what the fuss was about!) whilst at the park this morning. Three of the little monkeys were there. My thoughts – tosh. It was instantly deleted. I’m not sure I can be converted. I’m not sure I want to be. However for young kids – I see the attraction. 

On the plus side, it is making kids and adults move and if Noah said he wanted to play it. I’d happily go out with him and hunt for Pokemon. I wouldn’t let him do it alone, and I’d never play it as an adult. But as a child I see the attraction and health benefits it’s brining. 

Love it or hate it ….. It seems like it’s here to stay 


How I am beating the holiday blues.

So it’s been three days since we came back from Spain and I definitely have a case of the holiday blues. I cannot get going, i’m run down and I feel a bit flat. The only way I can describe how I feel is “Meh”

There are obvious causes including missing little man, the sun and warmth but June was a hectic month for us and I do wonder if I’ve hit the wall and it coincides with the being back. Amongst having no energy and coming out in mouth ulcers I feel like I am lacking in vitamins and minerals. We all know that feeling where you’ve lost your get up and go so I’m putting a plan in place to combat the blues and thought I would share it with you.


The first thing I am doing is pumping myself full of good food. Throughout June we’ve been away a lot, had friends down for the weekend and consumed a lot of comfort food and booze. So I am going to begin by getting some goodness in me, bringing up those vitamin and mineral levels. Starting Thursday I am going to engage in the Three Day ‘Intense’ Core Cleanse. I’ve decided it is a great way to get my energy levels up and hopefully combat any germs floating around.


I’ve also decided that Dan and I need to dedicate some time for us. We do a lot for others and during the week we need to make sure we some quality time together, turn off our phones and have a giggle. We don’t do it enough and my having some “us” time will be good for both of us, especially when work has been so hectic for Dan.

Getting fresh air and focus on that 10k run! I’ve lost all my determination for this run in September so I need to get back on it. Not only does it let you get the stress out, but it keeps you healthy, fit and boosts that infamous happy hormone. I’m not a natural runner so being able to give myself a challenge and concur it is great for the soul.

The last thing I am doing to shift the blues is think of Vegas, start saving the money and thinking of all the fun and crazy antics that await in November. It feels like a long way off but i’m in no doubt that it is going to fly round. Dan and I went two years ago and we’ve been desperate to get back so having something to look forward to get back. So finally having a week booked is great. We have talked about potentially getting away between now and then but we shall see…

I’ll keep you all in the loop with how my juicing goes this week and until then stay happy.





Guest Post – 5 Ways to Maintain Your Personal Relationships!

Nazirn at She Will Never Loose wanted to share her thoughts with us on how maintain personal relationships in her guest post.

Relationships are a lot of work, and they take more maintenance than any other aspect of our lives.

It is through a lifetime of memories, conversations, interactions and relationships that we become who we are. Without the relationships we’ve created over the course of our years, we wouldn’t be who we are today.

Helpful and supportive relationships assist us with feeling  positive, healthy, and satisfied with our lives.

As humans, we are social by  nature, we don’t just crave interactions, we require them. Yet, we often forget that relationships too take work, and tend to brush them under the carpet hoping that they’ll flourish in the darkness.

Here’s a list of 5 things we should all remember to do to maintain the personal relationships in our lives.

  1. Time is always of the essence!

You have to make time for the people in your life. Time is the best apology, it is the best gift, it is the best way to show someone they’re important to you without having to say it. It’s not enough to just express that importance to someone with your words; time is the best way to prove to a loved one their value to you.

  1. The quieter you become, the more you can hear!

We all want to be understood, we all want to understand. Hit two birds with one stone, and just listen to what your loved one has to say. Don’t listen to them to reply, hear what they have to say, the best way to understand someone is by simply listening. It shows that you’re interested in what they have to say, and that always makes someone feel valuable.

  1. The greatest gift you can give someone is the purity of your attention!

Be empathetic, as empathy forms a connection between people. It strengthens relationships and creates a bonding of trust and familiarity for a person.  One of the greatest quotes I carry with me everywhere is;

 “..People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” –

By being emphatic towards a loved one’s emotions we show them that we are relating to them rather than being judgmental over their feelings, we are there for them without throwing any blame around. It builds mutual trust, and the foundation to every great relationship is the big old trust!

  1. To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved!

Trust is as, if not more important than love. In fact, trust are the walls that the kingdoms of loves built around. Being trusted proves that you can be relied upon, you can depended upon, as well as be responsible to keep that trust. In return, you should offer honesty and openness. We must trust in order to be trusted.

  1. The quality of your communication, is the quality if your life!

Communicating with your loved ones serves as a void for needless arguments and misunderstandings. If you’re able to communicate with one another openly, you begin to feel you’re a part of the same team rather than against one another.  Keeping your thoughts and emotions bottled up will only lead to your own destruction and eventually it’ll affect the people around you. Love is also being able to talk without having to feel like you have to stop!

Now, to me, that’s the perfect set of ingredients on how to maintain the personal relationships in our lives!

Love Always,


Guest Post – June’s Beauty Treats

Gin and Giraffes Beauty

Givenchy nail polish

£17 – net-a-porter.com

Estée Lauder nail polish


Iphone case


Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow

£31 – anastasiabeverlyhills.com

Yves Saint Laurent foundation


Urban Decay lipstick

£13 – urbandecay.com

Urban Decay lipstick

£13 – urbandecay.com

Urban Decay lipstick


June has been a month of beauty discoveries for me, with several amazing new beauty launches added into the mix it’s safe to say June has amazed for PR packages but bad for my bank account! Above you can see the fabulous stand out products I have come across and I can’t urge you enough to go and try them yourself !!

Urban Decay launched 100 new lipstick shades with 6 different finishes, their whole nude/pink collection is now something to rival any other lipstick. Urban Decay have you covered with all kinds of shades from reds to purples!

The 6 finishes include :




Sheer Shimmer 

Comfort Matte

Mega Matte

I would go out my head to think you couldn’t find a shade or formula that you favourite from the collection. I swear by Urban Decays lipstick and even more so since the re-launch of Vice Lipsticks!! 

It’s not often I even bother with false lashes anymore but when I do, Red Cherry’s Wispy eyelashes dominate above all! They are not just comfortable to wear but it’s as if they transform your eyes something magical. They aren’t extremely long or glam but the perfect wispy effect adds the cutest flirty flutter to your eyes. 

I’ve tried a new foundation this month, YSL and I ask myself what ever did I do before I tried it? It looks like your skin but better as well as hiding any imperfections you might want to hide. I’m also back to loving nude nails – of course I am !! They just look so clean and neat! They also make your fingers look longer so if you have chubby fingers like me this always helps elongate them.

I know this iPhone 6 plus case isn’t beauty related but the beauty that is  couldn’t help but convince me i needed it because, well … I am a bit of a psycho !! But a good one? You know what I mean right?

Anyway SkinnyDipLondon has some of the trendiest phone cases I have ever seen!! Definitely be sure to check them out, I bet you come away with at least two!!

Lastly I haven’t got my hands on it yet but the latest Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palette is something of dreams! Highly blasted across Instagram it’s one of the most in demand palettes at the moment – the eyeshadow looks beauty gurus are creating with it are so beautiful, I cant wait to get my hands on it !!

I hope you have enjoyed my little beauty insight and you can find me on Snapchat – TheSocialSnob, as well as Instagram as TheSocialSnob and of course be sure to say Hi over on www.TheSocialSnob.com



Tips on Packing for Summer Holidays

So it’s confession time – I am an organisational nerd! I cannot stand the fact we are driving up to the airport on Friday night after work and I am not even the slightest bit packed for our trip. I am one of these that starts separating clothes weeks in advance, not wearing things I want to take away and have various piles and lists around the house to ensure I don’t forget anything. Dan on the other hand is a lob it in the case last-minute and go kind of man. Needless to say it sends my organisational panic levels off the radar! (I am sure there are hundreds of couples out there that are identical to us!) Its fair to say I am a nightmare when it comes to packing.

For me packing starts with writing a list which everything goes on including the obvious things then as things go in the case, I can cross them off. That way I don’t forget anything.  Then starts the epic house cleans and washing. Everything in sight is washed and put away, that way when we come back we only have holiday washing to do and nothing else. Beds are stripped and changed the day we leave (let’s face it coming home to clean bedding is the dream), fridge is emptied, bin goes out – the house gets gutted from top to bottom. As things are washed they are then separated into piles on top of suitcases ready for going inside the case.

I am also a nightmare with packing far more than I need. My case always struggles to close and I’m on the edge with weight. No matter where I go, it is always the same. I think it’s because I like variety, to be able to choose what I want to wear. So this time, I have said to myself that I am going to pack less, pack smarter and be clever about what goes in my case and thought I would share some of my tips with you.

For starters leave the heavy things behind where you can and get them when you are out there. I am getting sun tan lotion, shower gel and other basics for Dan and I at the airport or in a local supermarket. It is bulky, heavy and never fun if it explodes in your luggage which is never fun when unpacking at the other end. That way, when we land and have been through passport control in Spain we can pop a bit straight on as well. I also never take my hairdryer. I usually have a shower late afternoon then chill out on the balcony for a bit and I find that my hair dries in seconds. When I do take my hairdryer it is never used.

Plan your outfits in advance – I know this is easier said than done ladies but by thinking about each day and your plans, if any, you should not need to pack more than seven  gorgeous evening outfits. The same when it comes to shoes – if you plan your evening outfits so they are coordinated or take coloured shoes that go with everything you should not need more than a three pairs. I am packing a pair for the poolside and a couple of pairs of sandals for the evening / day time.

Vest tops and underwear are the one thing I over pack. I don’t know why but for some reason I feel the need to pack ten of everything for a week’s holiday. Although they are small, they take up a lot of room. So, I need to be strict with myself and literally just pack enough for the week. No more than seven allowed and if I am honest I think that is probably too much. I barely wear them poolside and I mix it up with dresses during the day.

Roll everything. Not only can you wrap up anything breakable but it stops your clothes from creasing. You can also see everything you have packed without having to pull your clothes out to see what is underneath.

Think about your hand luggage. I always take a small suitcase on the plane with me along with my handbag. It means that I can fill up my hand luggage with some of the bigger items I may need on the plane (I always take a jumper as I get cold), flip-flops are great to into your hand luggage to. They are small, but can be heavy. After getting in a bikini, change of underwear (just in case you lose your baggage you are prepared), books, iPad and chargers I fill my hand luggage with anything that might be heavy. It minimises the weight of your hold baggage and means some of the essentials are to hand if you land midday. Nobody wants to be unpacking when they could be in the pool or at the bar!

I’ll let you know if my packing is successful later in the week and if you have any tips to share, please let me know.


Vaping… Love it or Hate it?

Love it or hate it “vaping” looks like it is here to stay. I am not a smoker, I never have and never will. So when I was asked to explore the subject of vaping I jumped at the chance.

Plenty of people in my family use them. Some instead of traditional cigarettes and others in replacement of and they leave me with really mixed feelings on if they are the healthier choice.

The biggest issue I have with e-cigs is when people use them indoors in public places because it is not a cigarette. Only the other week I was at a Coldplay gig and the person in front of me was having a good old puff and blowing it in people’s faces. I’ve also seen people use them in public places where children play and it just makes me really uncomfortable. The younger generation haven’t made it their choice to inhale the smoke so why should we force them. Especially when some wouldn’t smoke really cigarettes in front of them. I know they don’t give out the same level of tobacco and smoke however, they are full of chemicals and I should chose if I want to breathe that in. What you do in your home or in the fresh air is different. I also know that a huge number of people reading this will go outside to vape and won’t do it in or around their little ones.

I also have massive concerns around the safety level. First off we don’t really know what damage if any they are doing to our bodies. Yes the levels are lower but you would not willingly pop down to your local DIY store and sniff a load of chemicals. So why inhale them? You also see so many reports where people have left them charging and they’ve caught fire.

However, negatives aside I can see why people use them. They have virtually zero levels of tabacco and tar then regular cigarettes and therefore on a really basic level, are healthier. I’ve also read reports that they have 95% lower levels of toxins than a standard cigarette. E-cigs definitely do not have the same stench about them (we all know the smell if you have dated a smoker or lived with one) which means that clothes smell nicer and people’s homes don’t have that horrible smoky effect to the walls. Especially as a non-smoker there is nothing worse than waking up at someone’s house who smokes and smelling it in your hair and clothes for a good day afterwards.

They’ll always be a part of me that feels like vaping is seen as cool, especially with companies such as VapeLux offering so many different flavours and colours. It can definitely be viewed as by young people as a must have fashion accessory.

However, if I look at the people around me who used to smoke I am glad they have made the switch and hope that it is a gateway to them being able to one day be smoke free.


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Hangovers – Feeling Old

It’s no secret that the weekend was a rather messy one in the company some of my favourite humans put on this planet. Especially when you’ve not really seen each other for eight months and so much has happened during this time. The champagne was in the fridge, gin shelf ready for attacking and the pub had our name on it. We knew it was going to be messy and therefore ate a huge amount of carb in order to minimise the hangover we knew would follow. Considering we started at 1pm I think we all lasted rather well given the shots, seven bottles of champagne and whatever else we squeezed in at the pub.

After dancing the night way in the living room (quite literally!) we crawled into bed at different times. I was the first up at about 1am and Dan crawled up at 3am after giving the house a clean, watching the news and eating crisps. I was prepared for a mammoth hangover but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t get a lot of sleep, but after a fry up and some fresh air I felt surprisingly sprightly. There was no need for painkiller and aside from coffee and a lot of water I felt ok…. Until last night and this morning when the tiredness beast kicked in. I just felt horrible. In fact we all did. Penny sent me a message saying she was collapsed on the sofa wanting to eat but not having the energy, I felt like a shell of my former self and for Dan to say at 9:15 that he needed to go to bed we were certainly feeling it.


You would think after 10 hours sleep though that I would feel ok – WRONG! I feel drained. I’ve no energy, I cannot concentrate and all I want to do is go home, curl up and sleep. I also know I am not the only one and it’s got me thinking – when do we get too old to pull these crazy sessions or is it that we just have delayed hangovers? Don’t get me wrong I was definitely drunk on Saturday but not enough that I was drunk until 9pm last night. It’s got to be that I am just old. My body needs longer to recover and a night of bad sleep has just taken its toll. Surely, I cannot be the only person in their early 30’s that cannot party like she used to (I mean I can, but I feel it for DAYS) I seriously look at the younger generation partying in Ibiza and don’t know how they do it. In fact, it makes me tired just thinking about it.

Needless to say today is going to be sponsored by coffee, left over lasagne for lunch (because its sooooo much nicer after a day or so!) and another early night in the hope that I wake up tomorrow full of life. If any of you reading this feel the same way and have some amazing hangover tips then please do let me know. I’m not sure I can get away with sleeping for days now!








Dreaming about my Hypothetical Kitchen

So recently Dan and I have started to talk about our Hypothetical House…. This is the house that if we had the money and no wedding to pay for then we would be buying in a shot. Let’s face it, there is nothing better than a cheeky dream of the big house, garden, and enough wardrobe space to go shopping. Don’t get me wrong, our house is lovely but it’s rented and although we can decorate and we’ve really made it our own it will never be ours. For me one of the key rooms is the kitchen. I used to love baking and cooking but have massively lost my way as our kitchen is so small. We have hardly any usable worktop space and the bare minimum of cupboard space so being able to dream of what could be is just heaven so I thought I would put together my Hypothetical Kitchen Wish list with everything from Panasonic to Le Crueset and all the gadgets and gizmos a home could wish for.

A new microwave. Ours is great, but it is small because of our space and it would be nice to have something a bit bigger and that can do more. This one from Panasonic is amazing as it acts as a grill alongside being able to hold a family casserole dish!

New utensils. I love ours, but I would love a matching set that does everything I need. Our current set are tired and mismatched so it would be nice to have something that is cohesive. I really am easily pleased.


Kitchen Aid Accessories. I love my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. For years I have lusted over the ice cream maker and pasta maker so it would be amazing to finally lay my hands on these. I’m sure like my other gadgets I wouldn’t use them as much as I hope. But they are an investment into the future and if I ever find myself at home full time then I can be the domestic goddess I dream off. (I can hear Dan laughing now!)


A fully stocked Spice Rack. We have hundreds of random jars at home living in a draw and things get lost and hide under boxes so the number of duplicates we have is just ridiculous. We’ve talked about a new spice rack for months but just don’t have the room to put one. This may seem really small and insignificant but this would make it feel super homely.

A proper wine rack. It’s no secret that Dan and I love our wine, gin and champagne. So having one of those swanky wine fridges that keeps everything at the right temperature would be amazing. Right now we have shelves, small racks on the top of a dishwasher and the garage as storage so having a proper area would be rather nice. Knowing that when you fancy a bottle its ready for drinking.


A range cooker, because let’s face they are cute and would make cooking for family, friends and the Christmas dinner a lot easier.

Last but not least would have to be a new pan set /oven dish set and there is no other option than Le Crueset. We have already started buying odd bits and bobs when we can and need something so being able to fully expand on the set would be the dream!


I’d love to know what would you put in your hypothetical house or what is your favourite kitchen gadget?


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Day Trips, Dramas and Cheeky Weekends

It’s been a while since I’ve really been on the blogging train and it’s due to a number of distractions with the nose operation and the bridesmaid drama. However, I am now feeling a lot brighter making a conscious effort to get some consistency back in the blog. As it has been a while, I thought I would update you all on life lately and what we at Gin and Giraffes have been up to.

It has literally been a crazy couple of months with so many days out, weekends away and gigs. Back in May (which seems like a lifetime ago!) Dan and I took little man, Dan’s sister and her daughter to Crealy Adventure Park in Devon. We specifically chose this place because the rides are perfect for their age group and give them some excitement to rather than the boring old toddler rides at most parks. I have a ton of footage to make into a vlog and will post this separately but we just had the best day. The sun came out, the kids loved the rides like the log flume and rollercoasters and we topped it off with a great big dinner at Frankie & Benny’s on the way home. Such a fun day and it got us all in the mood for our holiday to Spain.  I cannot recommend it enough if you are ever passing or live in driving distance and have little ones aged three to about eight.

The other great thing about May are the two bank holidays so at the end of the month Dan and I headed up to Manchester for a boozy weekend. We stayed near the Trafford Centre so made the most of the public transport and used the buses to do some cheeky shopping followed by cocktails. The Saturday we headed to the Sealife centre, Dunham Massey for a stroll round the grounds and house before taking Dan’s auntie out for dinner in the evening. Needless to say there were a number of cocktails consumed that night and we ended up being thrown out the restaurant at 1am! That said, it was a great weekend and so nice to have a mini break.

However, the end of May bank holiday has sparked utter craziness in our household and it feels like every weekend since we have been absolutely non-stop. There has been camping with the usual suspects, day trips to London including the Natural History Museum and ice cream in Harrods through to a day in Bath visiting the Roman Baths. It’s so nice now that little man is that bit older as he is starting to have a real interest in the world around him and really wants to learn about things. So the Saturday in Bath started a bit of a theme for that weekend and we headed out to Chedworth Roman villas on the Sunday as he was desperate to see the “Roman floors”

Apart from all the travelling, there has also been a couple of gigs. Ironically within four days of each other. First off was seeing Coldplay at Wembley. I won’t lie, I wasn’t really fussed about their music beforehand but had heard they were amazing live and it has to be said I am now a real convert. They definitely put on a show and definitely did not disappoint. This was followed by seeing Elton John in Exeter. Yes I know he is a bit old school but the guy is a legend and it was one of those moments that I won’t forget. It rained like mad, we were late getting there due to traffic but there is nothing like dancing round a field to some proper jukebox classics!

13435549_10154054447060795_2313461633769472399_n 13450246_10154063330320795_397017335740204169_n 13450918_10154065585455795_3128118663652410489_n

Needless to say, its been busy and June is definitely ending on a high as my crazy Maid of Honour and bestest bud A Penny For Them along with her other half are coming to Jomani Towers for the weekend. There will be Gin, Champagne, food, games and crazy antics. I cannot wait to share the weekend with you and keep an eye on social media for all the antics over the weekend!